Itamar Ben Gvir challenges Biden, accusing him of supporting Yahya Sinwar’s stance

Gabir Slams Biden for Failing to Protect Israel’s Security amid Diplomatic Tensions

In his statement, Mr. Ben Gabir criticized President Biden for making a significant mistake by attempting to pressure Israel. He expressed disapproval of Biden’s efforts to impose restrictions on Israel and focus on the rights of the other side, which includes individuals with malicious intentions towards Israel.

Gabir highlighted the fact that many of these individuals are terrorists who aim to destroy Israel. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing the security and safety of the Israeli people, rather than catering to the demands or concerns of individuals who pose a threat to the country.

In response to criticism, President Biden defended his actions by stating that he was seeking a peaceful resolution to ongoing conflicts in the region. However, Gabir conveyed his belief that President Biden’s approach towards Israel is misguided and potentially harmful. He stressed the need for strong and unwavering support for Israel in the face of external threats and challenges.

Gabir’s comments reflect a stance that emphasizes prioritizing Israel’s security and well-being above all else. While some may argue that international diplomacy is necessary to resolve conflicts in the region, Gabir believes that it should be done in a way that protects Israeli interests and ensures its continued existence as a safe haven for its citizens.

Overall, Mr. Ben Gabir’s criticism highlights an important issue facing both Israelis and Americans today: how best to balance international diplomacy with domestic priorities when it comes to national security.

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