Ukrainian couple opens bakery business in Minnesota after escaping war

From War to Bakery: The Story of Vlad and Polina Lahoda’s Heaven Gluten Free Bakery

Vlad and Polina Lahoda, originally from war-torn Ukraine, have found a new home in Minnesota where they are starting a small business. Their journey from Kiev to the United States was the result of having to leave their home due to the war in 2022. Now in Minnesota, they have started Heaven Gluten Free Bakery, offering vegan, gluten-free loaves made with natural ingredients.

Despite the challenges they faced starting a business and adapting to a new country, the couple feels grateful for the opportunity to feel safe and free in Minnesota. They believe that gluten-free food can be delicious and nutritious for everyone, not just those with dietary restrictions. Polina’s passion for baking has now become a shared love with Vlad, and their bakery is a reflection of their journey, with each loaf made with love and shared with the community.

In Ukraine, bread was a staple in their diet, and now in Minnesota, they are bringing that same comforting tradition to others through their bakery. The couple’s story is one of resilience, adaptation, and the power of sharing food as a way to connect with others. They are happy to be in Minnesota and appreciate the support they have received from the people in the Twin Cities metro area.

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