Amazon discontinuing use of ‘Just Walk Out’ technology at grocery stores

From ‘Just Walk Out’ to Amazon Dash Cart: A Step Towards Enhanced Shopping Experience

Amazon is discontinuing its “Just Walk Out” self-service technology at Amazon Fresh stores in the United States. This technology had allowed customers to grab items and leave without waiting in a checkout line, as their selections were tracked by sensors and cameras. However, Amazon has decided to replace this technology with the “Amazon Dash Cart,” which enables shoppers to scan items, place them in the cart, and pay automatically to skip the checkout line.

The company has redesigned several Amazon Fresh stores over the last year to enhance the shopping experience by offering more value, convenience, and selection. Customers expressed a desire for easier access to nearby products and deals, the ability to view receipts while shopping, and monitor savings during their visit. To address these concerns, Amazon aims to introduce the Amazon Dash Cart to provide these benefits.

While Amazon is discontinuing the “Just Walk Out” technology at its Amazon Fresh stores in the U.S., this system will remain in place at Amazon Go stores and smaller Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K. In 2021, Amazon also opened its first cashier-less physical grocery store in London, marking a significant expansion of this technology outside the United States.

An Amazon spokesperson, Jessica Martin stated that “We are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience and we believe that introducing new technologies can help us achieve that goal.” The company’s focus on innovation has led it to develop new solutions that make shopping more convenient and efficient for customers.

In conclusion, while some of Amazon’s technologies may change or evolve over time, their goal remains constant: providing an exceptional customer experience through innovation and convenience.

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