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From Hollywood’s hair metal era to a global fashion empire: Mike Amiri’s journey from local club-goer to luxury brand founder

Mike Amiri, a native of Los Angeles, grew up in the iconic Hollywood neighborhood during the 1980s hair metal era. Being the son of Iranian immigrants, he was heavily influenced by the music, culture, and fashion scene that was thriving in top clubs like The Roxy. These influences ultimately played a significant role in shaping his own brand.

In 2013, Mike founded his luxury brand using $30,000 of his own money. He combined the aesthetics he was passionate about with an unwavering commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and the use of the most luxurious fabrics available. Today, his brand has established a global presence with stores in various locations around the world and showcases its collections at Paris Fashion Week. It’s anticipated to reach earnings surpassing $350 million in 2023.

Through his brand, Mike Amiri has redefined the concept of a fashion house in the 21st century by creating a fresh and distinctively American vision. His success is a testament to his unique blend of influences and his dedication to producing high-quality, luxurious fashion pieces.

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