Improving Health in the Americas: Preventable Early Death – Global Perspective

From Healthcare to Society: Tracking Progress in Health Outcomes in the Americas”.

Advances in health technology and improvements in living conditions have led to increased life expectancy at birth in most countries in the Region of the Americas. However, progress has slowed in recent years, with varying achievements among countries and territories. To monitor and assess progress towards universal health, it is crucial to consider the standardized rate of potentially avoidable premature mortality as an indicator of health system performance.

This edition of Health in the Americas analyzes both the preventable component through public and intersectoral health interventions, as well as the treatable component related to the effectiveness of healthcare – the quality of healthcare. The analysis provides a metric for comparing and tracking performance over time, playing a crucial role in holding health systems accountable in the Region of the Americas.

Investing not only in healthcare services but also in addressing broader social and environmental determinants of health is essential for ensuring equity in health outcomes across countries. By recognizing these determinants, countries can develop comprehensive strategies that encompass not only healthcare but also social policies aimed at reducing inequalities and improving overall population health.

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