This Weekend Kicks Off Pittsburgh Boxer’s Path to World Championship Glory

From Engineer to Champion: Mary Casamassa’s Determination and Big Personality in the Boxing World

Mary Casamassa, a hometown boxer from Ross Township, has her sights set on becoming a world champion. She trains at Jack’s Boxing Gym six days a week and is just days away from her biggest opportunity to show the world what she’s made of.

Casamassa thrives on the challenge of boxing and loves pushing herself to the limit. With determination, drive, and a big personality, she dreams of winning the title and being known as one of the best in the sport. It was her brothers who inspired her to pursue boxing, and she began training with Jack Mook as a teenager. Despite working full-time as an engineer, Casamassa dedicates herself to a rigorous training routine to prepare for her fights.

Her next big challenge is the Brawl at the Hall event in Harmony, where she will face Olivia Gerula in a 10-round main event. This is a significant opportunity for Casamassa to prove her skills and potentially earn a title. With the support of her family and trainers, including praying with a pastor before matches and sharing Oreos with Mook afterwards, Casamassa is determined to succeed in the boxing world and become a world champion.

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