Amazon is replacing Just Walk Out technology with Dash Carts in its grocery stores

From Cashierless to Touch-and-Go: Amazon’s Evolution in Grocery Store Technology

Amazon has decided to phase out its Just Walk Out technology in its grocery stores in favor of Dash Carts. This decision comes after the company realized that the technology was too slow for customers and too expensive for companies to implement. The Dash Cart system involves scanning a QR code to start a session, scanning products as they’re added to the cart, or using the touchscreen for lookups, then either exiting through the Dash Cart lane or checking out at a register. While the system is not perfect, it is considered to be more accurate and cheaper than the Just Walk Out technology.

The Just Walk Out technology relied on cameras and sensors to track what customers left with and charge the cost to their payment method. However, Amazon initially marketed the technology as cashierless, it actually required over 1,000 workers in India to monitor accuracy and label videos, essentially acting as outsourced cashiers. The Information reported that 700 out of 1,000 Just Walk Out sales required human reviewers as of 2022, missing Amazon’s goal of 50 reviews per 1,000 sales. There were also concerns raised over Amazon collecting and sharing data on customers’ shopping habits.

Despite being phased out in most stores, Just Walk Out technology will still be used in a small number of Fresh stores in the United Kingdom and in some Amazon Go stores. It will also remain in place in ballparks that use it. This move marks the end of an era for Amazon’s dream of a totally checkout-less store, but the company believes that Dash Carts offer a better alternative

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