Softball player transitions to science off the field at The Water School

From Beachside Romance to Water Conservation: Maria Angelino’s Passionate Journey.

Maria Angelino is a passionate environmentalist with a deep love for water. She grew up in Southwest Florida, where she was surrounded by this precious resource and developed a strong connection to it. From spending time on the beach to kayaking and fishing with her family, Maria has always valued water for its cultural, aesthetic, and recreational purposes.

However, her perspective on water changed dramatically in 2018 when harmful blue-green algae blooms ravaged Southwest Florida, affecting both residents and small businesses reliant on tourism. This experience made Maria realize just how crucial water is not only for basic needs but also for the health and well-being of communities around the world.

As a result, Maria decided to pursue a master’s degree in environmental science at FGCU to further her knowledge and make a difference in the world of water conservation. She plans to finish her thesis by 2026 and hopes to contribute to the efforts aimed at protecting and preserving water resources for future generations.

Maria is particularly interested in policy advocacy, restoration projects, consulting, and research related to water sustainability. She believes that there are many opportunities for improvement when it comes to how people value water and wants to work towards creating policies that prioritize water conservation while also taking into account the cultural and economic needs of communities around the world.

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