Massachusetts high school students promote mental health awareness with green bandanas

From Bandanas to Breaking Stigmas: Norton High School Students Raise Awareness about Mental Health with Green Bandana Project

The Green Bandana Project is a recent initiative by Norton High School students who are using the color green to raise awareness about mental health. Students like Vanessa Lee find comfort by keeping a green bandana on their backpacks, providing them with a sense of security during stressful times. Ronnie Goldstein, Assistant Principal at Norton Junior High School and involved in Project 351, understands the pressures that students face today, especially with social media contributing to a fear of missing out.

Goldstein emphasizes the importance of leaning on others and finding support for mental health issues like anxiety and stress. The embroidery of the green bandanas represents stitching together a tapestry of friendship and support while reducing the stigma around mental health. Vanessa Lee shares how her friends are always there for her during mental health struggles, while another student, Benson Chang, highlights the significance of taking time for oneself and prioritizing mental well-being.

Project 351 is a nonprofit organization that WBZ is proud to sponsor. Through this initiative, students in Norton are breaking down stigmas and supporting each other in their mental health journeys. The Green Bandana Project has become an integral part of Project 351’s mission to uplift and empower teens through various initiatives that promote self-care and well-being.

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