Stonington Mushroom Farm Thriving with Scientific Support

From Apple Orchards to Mushroom Farms: The Unconventional Journey of Seacoast Mushrooms Owner Chris Pacheco

Seacoast Mushrooms, a thriving mushroom farming company, is owned and operated by Chris Pacheco. Unlike traditional farmers, Pacheco did not start out with a background in agriculture. Growing up, he worked on his family’s apple orchard in Rhode Island where he developed a dislike for farming in rocky New England soil. He pursued an engineering degree to distance himself from the farming lifestyle.

After serving in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Hartford and working in the corporate world for fifteen years, Pacheco found himself drawn back to farming. In 2015, he decided to start a mushroom farming business that would connect him with his community through food. His experience planting trees for the apple orchard and his time in the Navy influenced his decision to pursue mushroom farming as a new venture. Today, Seacoast Mushrooms operates out of a large blue warehouse with shipping containers in the back where they produce high-quality mushrooms for the local market.

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