French Manufacturers’ Acceleration in Production Could Lead to Increased State Subsidies for Social Leasing Vehicles

French Government Commits to Investing in Electric Vehicles via “Social Leasing” System, Urges Local Manufacturers to Increase Production Speed.

The French government is ready to invest more than 25,000 electric vehicles via the “social leasing” system, but only if French manufacturers increase their production speed, urged Minister of Industry and Energy Roland Lescure on Sunday.

Over 90,000 people had already applied for an electric car rental by the end of January through the rental system with a purchase option (LOA) launched in December, aimed at low-income French individuals and heavy rollers.

“Today, there is great demand for these vehicles and we do not yet have enough products made in France,” Roland Lescure said. “This means that French manufacturers must accelerate the pace or commit to doing so.”

When asked whether the State would finance 50,000 cars instead of 25,000, Roland Lescure replied “we will do it, but we will do it while ensuring a good pace” because the goal is not to electrify the French automobile fleet with cars made in China.

French manufacturers are set to launch several electric models in the coming months, such as the Renault 5. This “social leasing” program is currently reserved for French individuals whose reference tax income is less than 15,400 euros per year and who drive more than 8,000 km per year or live more than 15 km from their workplace. Without initial contribution, the rental is planned for three years renewable once. The State finances each rental up to a maximum of 13

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