Downtown Orrville Business Seeks Permission to Offer Tattooing Services in Salon

Freckle Tattoos: The Latest Beauty Trend with Uncertain Future or “Tramp Stamp” Concerns

In the trending world of beauty, freckle tattoos are gaining popularity among individuals looking to achieve a sun-kissed, natural look. These semi-permanent tattoos aim to give people the appearance of freckles on their faces. However, some concerns have been raised about their aging poorly, comparing them to a “tramp stamp.”

In Orrville, there will be a public hearing regarding the potential addition of tattoo and body piercing shops in the downtown area. Genesis Beauty Salons are also looking to expand their services by offering microblading, a semi-permanent eyebrow process that falls under Health Department regulations as a tattoo. This request will be reviewed by the Orrville Planning Commission before going through a third reading with the City Council for a final decision.

Meanwhile, the City Council in Orrville has agreed to sell approximately 4.9 acres of land to GMEG LLC for the construction of an industrial building near Hostetler Road. The Orrville Fire Department will be conducting monthly tests of tornado sirens on the first Monday of each month, starting on May 6.

Safety-Service Director Steve Wheeler noted that the city is prepared for the upcoming total solar eclipse, with plans in place for traffic management and additional staff on duty to handle any unforeseen incidents. The next council meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Monday, April 15, at City Hall.

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