Fortum’s Board Composition Decided at General Meeting

Fortum’s General Meeting Elects New Board Members and Approves Dividend, Acquisition Authorization

Fortum, a leading energy company, held its general meeting and elected nine individuals to its board. Mikael Silvennoinen was appointed as the chairman, while Essimari Kairisto was named as the vice president. Ralf Christian, Luisa Delgado, Jonas Gustavsson, Marita Niemelä, Prank Paavola, Johan Söderström and Vesa-Pekka Takala were also elected as members of the board. Prior to the meeting, it was announced that the state would be relinquishing its seat on the board when Maia Strandberg left his position.

During the general meeting, discharge from liability for the 2023 financial year was granted to all board members and the CEO. A dividend of EUR 1.15 per share was approved and the board was authorized to decide on the acquisition of Fortum’s own shares. This authorization allowed for a maximum of 20 million shares to be acquired and transferred. This decision revoked an earlier acquisition authorization granted at Fortum’s previous annual general meeting in 2023.

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