Foreign Interests Accused of Sabotaging Indonesia’s Semiconductor Industry Development by Airlangga – Economy

Foreign Interests Sabotage Indonesia’s Semiconductor Industry Development, Minister Says

Indonesia has accused foreign interests of sabotaging its semiconductor industry development, Coordinating Economic Minister Airlangga Hartarto said. The Minister pointed out that actors in neighboring countries were using environmental arguments to slow investment in the archipelago, specifically mentioning Singapore and Malaysia as being unhappy and using non-governmental organizations to create obstacles for Indonesia.

Indonesia had previously produced semiconductor components but investors had moved to Malaysia due to certain regulations that were not specified. However, Airlangga stressed the importance of getting those investors back to Indonesia as Malaysia had advanced in chip production. Indonesia’s capabilities had only reached testing and assembling.

The Minister also mentioned that China was interested in producing semiconductor wafers on Indonesian soil as part of an industrial megaproject on Rempang Island in the Riau Islands Province. In July last year, President Joko Widodo secured a commitment for a significant investment from China’s Xinyi to build a glass and solar panel manufacturing facility on Rempang, known for its large reserves of quartz and silica sand. The location where Xinyi plans to build its plant is also designated for an industrial center within the Rempang Eco-City project. This project will encompass various facilities including tourism sites, housing, and a solar-power plant.

Attracting investment and regaining competitiveness in the global semiconductor market is crucial for Indonesia’s economic growth and technological advancement. The push to develop the semiconductor industry in Indonesia is important for the country’s future.

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