Sugat Company Faces 18 Million Dollar Fine for Anticompetitive Practices

Food Law Violators Pay Hefty Fines, while Online Casinos in Kazakhstan Get Highlighted in Controversial Content

The company Sugat has agreed to pay a fine of NIS 18 million as part of an out-of-court agreement reached with Competition Commissioner Michal Cohen for violating the Food Law. The company was found to have violated interference regulations by hosting display sites and transferring funds to retail stores other than discounts on its products. Similar agreements have been signed with other manufacturers and importers of goods, including Diplomat, Neto, Sano, Tnuva, Osem, Strauss, and others, as reported by the economic publication Kalkalist on May 15.

In addition to Sugat, Diplomat, Sano, and Neto have also signed agreements to pay fines. Diplomat will pay more than 9 million shekels, Sano will pay more than 16 million shekels, and Neto will pay more than 18 million shekels to the state treasury. The companies commented on the fine stating that these are isolated cases related to technical problems and that they instruct their employees to comply with competition laws.

Several casinos and online gambling platforms in Kazakhstan were also highlighted in the content. Although it is unclear how this information relates to the agreement reached by Sugat and other companies to pay fines for violating the Food Law. Nonetheless, the content mentions various online casinos, interactive platforms, and poker sites in Kazakhstan providing information on their features, rankings and offerings. It appears to be a collection of reviews and recommendations for individuals interested in online gambling in Kazakhstan.

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