Top US Cities Attracting Population Growth, with Florida Metros Leading the Way

Florida Cities: Top Metros with Positive Net Domestic Migration Rates, and the Thriving City of Wildwood-The Villages

Florida cities have once again proven to be popular destinations for movers across the US, with eight cities ranking among the top 12 metros with positive net domestic migration rates. Among these, Wildwood-The Villages in Florida had the highest rate per 1,000 people, making them stand out as a thriving location for newcomers.

According to Business Insider’s analysis of US metros with the most positive net domestic migration, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington in Texas and Houston-Pasadena-The Woodlands in Texas were ranked as the top two metros with positive net domestic migration rates. Despite having a lower population size compared to these two cities, Wildwood-The Villages still managed to attract a significant number of movers with its high net domestic migration rate per 1,000 people.

In addition to being known for their high net domestic migration rate, Wildwood-The Villages also experienced significant population growth from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. The city saw an increase of around 4.7% in population during this period. This growth is attributed to the influx of new residents attracted by the area’s warm weather and low cost of living.

Overall, it is clear that Florida cities continue to attract movers from across the US due to their attractive lifestyle and economic opportunities. As such, they remain popular destinations for those seeking new opportunities and a change of scenery.

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