Flemish Individuals Frequently Work Evenings, Sundays, and Shifts

Flexible Working Arrangements: Rising Trends in Flanders’ Work Culture

In recent years, the trend of flexible working arrangements has become increasingly popular in Flanders. With the rise of evening work, night work, shift work, and working from home, more workers are embracing these options than ever before. According to figures from Statistics Flanders, only Saturday work has seen a slight decrease in popularity among workers. Despite this, working from home remains the most popular form of flexible working, with 39.6 percent of workers in Flanders doing so at least occasionally in 2023.

Compared to ten years ago, there has been a significant increase in other forms of atypical working time arrangements. Shift work, for example, has risen from 8 percent to 13.9 percent over the past decade. Additionally, more workers now engage in evening and night work on Sundays (12.3%), as well as during weekdays (12.3%). Overall, it’s clear that workers are increasingly looking for flexibility and balance in their work lives.

Men tend to be more likely than women to participate in certain types of atypical working time arrangements such as evening and night work as well as shift work. However, when it comes to weekend work specifically (Saturday or Sunday), women tend to be slightly more likely to take advantage of flexible arrangements such as working from home.

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In conclusion, the trend towards flexible working arrangements is on the rise in Flanders with more workers embracing options such as evening and night work or shift work while also looking for balance through remote or weekend arrangements

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