The Bansko World Cup Slalom Cancelled Due to Safety Concerns Caused by Heavy Rainfall

First 31 Slalom Racers Battle Against Adverse Conditions, FIS Reveals Cancellation of Remaining Runs

Clement Noel had a strong lead in the Bansko World Cup slalom, setting a time that was hard to beat despite a slight bobble towards the end of the course. However, poor visibility and wet goggles hindered the performance of the first 31 racers who had finished the course before it was cancelled due to unsafe conditions caused by heavy rainfall and wind that were not expected to improve. FIS Referee Markus Waldner explained that the wind and rain had made the slope dangerous, making it impossible for the remaining racers to complete their second run. The next slalom event will take place at the Stifel Palisades Tahoe Cup on February 25th. Despite the challenging weather conditions, the first 31 racers fought through the course, but they struggled to match Clement Noel’s leading time.

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