Women’s Club World Cup set to begin in 2026 as confirmed by FIFA

FIFA’s Revolutionary Women’s Club World Cup and Calendar Changes to Enhance Competitiveness in Women’s Football Globally

FIFA has announced plans to start the first edition of the Women’s Club World Cup in January-February 2026. The tournament will feature 16 teams and be held every four years, following FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s May 2021 announcement that he wanted to “revolutionise” women’s football.

While details about the tournament are still being finalized, it is likely that top European teams from the UEFA Women’s Champions League will participate, as well as clubs from the National Women’s Soccer League in the United States and countries where women’s football is less developed. Teams like Barcelona, who have been dominant in European women’s football recently, could potentially take part.

In addition to the Women’s Club World Cup announcement, FIFA has also approved a new calendar aimed at providing more rest and recovery opportunities for players and coaches. FIFA President Infantino believes these changes will enhance competitiveness in women’s football globally.

The FIFA Council has also officially appointed Mattias Grafstrom as the FIFA Secretary General. Grafstrom, who had been nominated on an interim basis in October of last year, expressed pride and a sense of responsibility in accepting the position, citing his lifelong passion for football and the significance of the role in his professional life.

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