Eurostat News: Women Make Up 41% of Scientists and Engineers in the Workforce

Female Scientists and Engineers in EU Increase to Nearly 7.3 Million, While Progress Lags in Manufacturing Sector

In 2022, the number of female scientists and engineers in the EU increased to almost 7.3 million, accounting for 41% of total employment in science and engineering. Despite this progress, only 22% of those working in manufacturing were women.

The proportion of female scientists and engineers varied among EU Member States in 2022, with Denmark, Lithuania, and Bulgaria having the highest percentages at 53%, 52%, and 51% respectively. On the other hand, Hungary, Finland, and Germany had the lowest percentages at 31%, 32%, and 34%.

Scientists and Engineers are categorized as those working in science and technology, which includes occupations involved in the systematic generation, advancement, diffusion, and application of scientific and technological knowledge. This category also encompasses technicians and associated professionals.

The regions with the highest proportions of women employed in science and technology in 2022 were Lithuania (69%), the French region of Corse (68%), Latvia (67%) while the lowest percentages were observed in Malta (49%) , Italian region of Nord-Ovest (48%) ,and Italian region of Sud(47 %). This news item aligns with the International Day of Women

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