Fitness Trainer With Colon Cancer Shares Women’s Health Tips

Feeling Your Best: Prioritizing Self-Care During Challenging Times

During challenging times, it’s crucial to prioritize activities that make you feel good about yourself, according to Sukay. These can be routine, everyday things that make you feel most like yourself. Sukay advises to maintain your normal routine on days when you feel good. This could include activities such as walking with a morning coffee, doing a morning workout (with doctor approval), working at your job (with doctor approval), visiting with a friend, or relaxing at the end of the day with a good show.

On days when you don’t feel like yourself, Sukay suggests indulging in things that make you feel pampered, pretty, and restored. This could include getting a manicure, a massage, Botox, or a wig. It’s important to do everything that makes you feel your best because there will be days when you don’t feel like yourself. Double down on the days where you can and make the most of them.

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