Famous ski and snowboard manufacturer declares bankruptcy

Facing Bankruptcy: How Over-indebtedness Has Stricken Antero GmbH in the Midst of the Pandemic

Antero GmbH, founded in 2009 with production headquarters in Fürnitz and a business address in Klagenfurt, is facing bankruptcy proceedings due to over-indebtedness. The company’s liabilities amount to 2.274 million euros, while no information is available about their assets. Despite the financial challenges, the debtor intends to continue operations in order to make the best possible use of their existing raw materials and determine whether a restructure plan application is feasible.

Antero GmbH operates an interactive online platform for designing individual snowboards and offers other winter sports items and textiles. They also cater to companies that produce individual small series for special occasions. In the 2022 financial year, the company accumulated a loss of 854,000 euros and faced negative equity of 489,000 euros. Liabilities of around 600,000 euros relate to profit participation rights.

The pandemic and its consequences led to a significant decrease in retail sales, resulting in over-indebtedness. However, the company remains hopeful for a potential restructuring to turn the business around. Apricum GmbH is the owner of Antero GmbH, and the managing partner is Michael Kollmann.

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