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Exploring the Impact of Technology on Romantic Connections: How it’s Changing Dating and Relationships

Technology has revolutionized our romantic lives since the invention of the telephone. From the rise of online dating to the integration of social media apps and Bluetooth-enabled sex toys, technology has transformed the way we navigate the dating world.

As a journalist, I explore the impact of technology on our connections in my weekly column, Third Wheel. With advancements in technology, I wonder how it’s shaping our relationships. Will flirting with ChatGPT’s suggestions become widely accepted? Will virtual dinner dates with digital avatars become a new norm?

If you have a story or experience related to how technology has impacted your dating life, I want to hear from you. Whether through the form below or another means of communication, I may reach out to you for an upcoming article. Your input is valued and will always be sought before publishing anything. Your contact information will remain within our newsroom and will not be used for any other purpose or shared outside of our organization.

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