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Exploring the Benefits of Personal Connections in the Fashion Industry: How Mmgnet Group Connects Decision-Makers with Valuable Resources”.

Sign up now to receive the Vogue Business newsletter for the latest luxury news, insights, and exclusive membership discounts. The fashion industry is home to purpose-driven businesses that share a common interest in building strong consumer communities. However, developing personal connections can be challenging.

Trade shows and established buyers markets are crucial for establishing trusted relationships and reaching market goals. Mmgnet Group is dedicated to connecting decision-makers with valuable resources that enhance strategies across different areas of the fashion industry, such as sourcing and marketing.

Mmgnet Group, formerly known as Informa Market Fashion, has recently introduced new resources within its updated structure, including market insights and trend forecasting capabilities. The company’s data-driven approach supports various sectors within the fashion industry, from brands and tech providers to consulting firms and marketers.

Recently, Mmgnet released the 2024 US Fashion Consumer Outlook report, which explores challenges and opportunities within the industry. By integrating well-known fashion events under a new parent brand, Mmgnet aims to provide industry professionals with a unified platform for accessing business relationships, resources, insights, and products.

Kelly Helfman, president of Mmgnet Group, emphasizes the company’s objectives of empowering customers and driving mutual benefit through new and expanded ways of creating growth and progress in the fashion industry. To read the full article or provide comments or feedback, email us at

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