Bill Nye, the Science Guy, to Appear in Central Texas for Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th | San Antonio

Exclusive: Bill Nye and The Planetary Society Host a Two-Day Camping Experience for the Total Solar Eclipse in Texas

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” is heading to Central Texas for the total solar eclipse on April 8. The Planetary Society, led by the 68-year-old TV personality and science educator, is hosting a two-day Texas Hill Country camping experience on April 7-8 in Fredericksburg. This exciting event, called Eclipse-O-Rama, will give attendees the chance to watch the eclipse with Bill Nye himself, as well as enjoy a variety of speakers, activities and food.

The festival will feature science-enthusiastic speakers such as YouTuber Mark Rober, science educator Science Bob, and Planetary Society radio host Sarah Al-Ahmed. Tickets for the Eclipse-O-Rama festival are priced at $325 per person, covering daytime programming from Sunday through Monday night. Children 5 and under can attend for free. To attend this two-day event, attendees must be Planetary Society members. Non-members can become members by paying a one-time annual fee of $50 during the Eclipse-O-Rama registration process. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Join Bill Nye and other science enthusiasts at the Eclipse-O-Rama event in Central Texas. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about science and astronomy while experiencing the beauty of a total solar eclipse. Subscribe to SA Current newsletters and follow us on social media for updates and news on upcoming events.

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