Incorporating the intense world of soccer hooliganism

Ex-Undercover Operative Reveals the Dark Side of Football Hooliganism: A Cautionary Tale

As the latest guest on the Official BHAFC Podcast, former undercover operative Jamie Bannon shares his harrowing journey through the world of football hooliganism. For years, he infiltrated the dark and dangerous world of stadiums and match days, risking it all to understand the inner workings of these notorious hooligan firms.

Jamie’s experiences shed light on the complexities of fandom, tribalism, and the lengths some go to for their team. But what toll did this double life take on him? What revelations did he uncover about the blurred lines between loyalty and violence in the fervent world of football support?

In a fascinating chat with Paul Hayward, Jamie reveals all and more, including how Albion helped him rediscover the joys of watching live football again. His story is a cautionary tale that will leave you questioning your own beliefs about football and its fans. Don’t miss this episode of The Official BHAFC Podcast!

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