Man on Trial for Allegedly Obtaining Millions in Development Loans through Deception

Ex-CEO and Board Chairman Charged with Gross Aid Fraud in Highly Anticipated Trial

In a shocking turn of events, Uros Technology company founders Jyrki Hallikai and Tommi Uharia are set to face trial for gross aid fraud against Business Finland. The charges come after the company was allegedly tricked into giving Uroksen loans and grants of over six million euros.

The trial is expected to begin with a preparatory session, where the accused are not required to participate. The main hearing is expected to commence in April, where the prosecutor’s subpoena application and the police’s preliminary investigation will be made public. The allegations against Uros involve providing misleading information to Business Finland and concealing facts that would have been essential in obtaining the grants.

During the alleged crimes, Uhari was the company’s CEO and Hallikainen was the chairman of the board. Since then, Uros has declared bankruptcy with debts of at least 13.5 million euros and minimal cash reserves. Despite this, their trial is expected to be both complex and widely publicized as they continue to face allegations of gross aid fraud.

In 2019 and 2020, Business Finland became aware of concealed matters related to contracts in which the results of Uros’s financed projects were sold to a Luxembourg subsidiary. Additionally, Uros used the Luxembourg subsidiaries to transfer its assets away from creditors. The bankruptcy estate revealed that Uros sold these subsidiaries to its parent company at significantly underpriced rates and never paid these purchase prices.

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