Trump’s statements are dangerously playing into Russia’s hands, warn Olaf Scholz and Donald Tusk

Europe’s Security Under Threat: German and Polish Leaders Call for Joint Action and Transatlantic Cooperation

Scholz emphasized the need for solidarity and joint action between Germany and Poland in order to counter Russian imperialism and strengthen Europe’s defense capabilities. He also highlighted the importance of transatlantic cooperation, saying that there is no alternative to this cooperation.

Tusk agreed with Scholz, stating that Germany and Poland must take joint responsibility for increasing Europe’s defense capability and ensuring that transatlantic cooperation remains the basis of their security. He added that there is no reason why the strongest economic and technological power in the world should not be effective when it comes to armaments when it is threatened by an aggressive neighbor.

Trump drew criticism from his Western partners, including Scholz and Tusk, when he hinted on Sunday that the US might not defend NATO allies who do not spend enough on defense against a potential Russian attack. The German Chancellor called such a move irresponsible and dangerous, as it only works in Russia’s hands.

The Polish Prime Minister also weighed in on the matter, saying that money should not be an obstacle to the defense strengthening of Europe. Tusk pointed out that Russia is a threat to Europe’s security and that Germany and Poland must work together to counter this threat. He also emphasized the importance of transatlantic cooperation in doing so.

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