Creating the Future of Mental Health Together

Europe Celebrates Mental Health Week: Promoting Co-creation and Collaboration for Better Mental Wellbeing

The 2024 Mental Health Week is being celebrated in Europe, with a focus on co-creation and collaboration among all stakeholders to promote positive mental health. The theme of this year’s event highlights the importance of involving everyone in the development and implementation of policies and programs that support mental well-being.

However, there are various challenges that can negatively impact mental health, such as excessive screen time among teenagers, feelings of loneliness among the elderly, and burnout among workers. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian war in Ukraine, climate change, rising energy costs, and the cost of living have had long-term effects on mental health.

To combat these challenges and promote good mental health in Europe, the Commission has taken a comprehensive approach that includes fostering early interventions and timely support, collaborating with national authorities to develop EU guidance on stigma and discrimination, allocating funds for identifying gaps and building capacity, training healthcare professionals in providing mental health care, supporting vulnerable groups, and developing guidelines for school leaders and policymakers.

The annual cost of mental health problems in children and young people in the EU is estimated at €50 billion. By working together to achieve improved mental health for all individuals through collaboration and breaking down silos between stakeholders, we can make a significant impact on our communities’ overall well-being. For more information about Mental Health Week or the EU’s approach to mental health, please visit [insert link].

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