Cyber Teams and Threat Actors: The Impact of Shrinking Teams and AI on End-Users

ESET World 2021: Cybersecurity Channel Partners Discuss Threat Intelligence, MDR, and Insurance at Bratislava Summit

ESET World, held in Bratislava this week, brought together channel partners from around the world to discuss various topics related to cybersecurity and the vendor’s recent announcements. The focus was on improving margins and staying up-to-date with emerging trends in the industry.

One of the key themes at the summit was threat intelligence, with technical speakers from ESET emphasizing the importance of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) as a frontline defense against cybercrime. They also highlighted the growing threat of deepfakes, state and non-state threat actors, and the increasing use of AI by cybercriminals to enhance ransomware attacks.

Another major theme was cyber insurance, with experts discussing its role in driving organizations to reassess their current cybersecurity posture and invest in more comprehensive security solutions. This is aimed at better protecting against evolving threats and ensuring business continuity.

After the summit, CRN spoke with two of ESET’s UK partners, Millgate and Grey Matter, to gather their insights on the discussions and announcements made at the event. Their perspectives shed light on how channel partners are responding to industry trends and the vendor’s strategies. Stay tuned for their feedback and perspectives on this important topic.

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