Investigation launched into Virgin Media over digital switchover regulations

Ensuring the Safety of Vulnerable Customers: The Importance of Compliance during the Digital Switchover of Landline Services

As a result of the ongoing digital switchover of landline services, concerns have been raised about its potential impact on vulnerable customers. The transition from analogue to digital has raised concerns about its effects on telecare systems that utilize landlines, particularly for those who rely on them for their safety and well-being.

Virgin Media has stated that they are working closely with Ofcom and the government, as well as other parties such as telecare companies and local authorities, to ensure that everyone receives the necessary support during this transition. However, Virgin Media has emphasized the need for all stakeholders to take responsibility in ensuring compliance with the rules aimed at protecting vulnerable customers during this period.

Ofcom’s investigation into Virgin Media’s compliance primarily focuses on two areas: ensuring uninterrupted access to emergency services for customers and treating vulnerable customers fairly. This comes after a series of “serious incidents” involving personal telecare alarms prompted telecoms firms to pause the transition to the new digital phone network in December.

Ofcom has stressed the critical importance of the telephone network in allowing people, particularly vulnerable individuals, to contact emergency services. Any action or inaction by communications providers that disrupts consumers’ ability to reach these services is being taken very seriously. Further information regarding the progress of the investigation will be published by Ofcom in due course.

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