Lebanon’s Blue Economy: A Transformation by 2024

Empowering Lebanon’s Future: The Blue Economy Conference and Sustainable Development in Saida.

The Blue Economy is a new approach to economic development that aims to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for Lebanon. As part of the SwitchMed II activities, UNEP is working with the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development to implement this initiative in Lebanon. The focus of this collaboration is on the implementation of the Blue Economy component at both a national and local level, with Saida being chosen as a case study.

One of the key aspects of this collaboration is the organization of Lebanon’s first ‘National Blue Economy Conference’, which will be held in Beirut on May 2nd under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment. The primary objectives of this conference are to raise awareness about the Blue Economy in Lebanon, present the findings of the national Blue Economy assessment, and endorse policy recommendations related to fisheries, coastal tourism, and port activities.

The event will bring together political and technical experts from various sectors to discuss how Lebanon can transition to a more circular, environmentally sustainable, and prosperous Blue Economy. By fostering partnerships, collaboration, and dialogue among stakeholders from different sectors including public and private institutions, academic institutions, civil society organizations, and local communities, this conference aims to create a platform for sharing best practices and working towards common goals in advancing the Blue Economy in Lebanon.

The importance of coastal cities will be highlighted during this conference as they play an integral role in achieving success through multi-actor engagement including local community participation and multi-level governance. Special attention will also be given to the work being done in Saida to promote sustainable actions that ensure long-term success through circular thinking. Afterward, there will be on-the-ground activities followed by a city-wide validation process to finalize the local action plan for implementing a sustainable economy in Saida.

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