Empirical Ventures secures £8.25 million for deep science research

Empirical Ventures: Unlocking the Potential of Deep Science Startups with £10M Funding and Innovative Approach

In 2016, two alumni from the Bristol spinout Ziylo, Dr. Jonathan Matlock (PhD, Chemistry) and Dr. Ben Miles (PhD, Physics), co-founded Empirical Ventures with the goal of providing support to early-stage deep science startups in a variety of industries. The company has successfully raised £8.25m for its deep science fund, S/EIS, with the aim of reaching a total of £10M.

Empirical Ventures’ focus is on leveling up the UK’s deeptech landscape by leading due diligence processes for potential investments in deep science. This approach helps to de-risk early-stage investments for both investors and co-investors. £5M of the funding was awarded to the fund by the British Business Investments Regional Angels Programme, with the remaining £3.25M coming from other investors.

The firm aims to support innovative startups that address future challenges such as climate change, accessible healthcare, and resource scarcity. They also aim to back startups that create new markets and possibilities based on cutting-edge technology. Dr. Matlock expressed his excitement about supporting these startups and helping founders navigate their entrepreneurial journeys successfully.

Dr. Miles highlighted the importance of validating and funding novel technologies from the beginning to help founders achieve their goals. Their approach is informed by their own experiences to create successful and impactful companies that can shape the future of deep science in the UK.

Empirical Ventures’ success is a testament to its commitment to leveling up the UK’s deeptech landscape by providing critical support to early-stage startups in a variety of industries. With its focus on due diligence processes for potential investments in deep science, Empirical Ventures is poised to play an essential role in shaping the future of this rapidly growing field in Europe and beyond.

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