World Autism Awareness Day falls on April 2nd

Embracing Autism: Yuma Community Celebrates Differences and Promotes Acceptance on World Autism Awareness Day

In Yuma, Arizona, on World Autism Awareness Day, the community is coming together to promote acceptance and celebrate the differences of those with autism. Autism is a developmental condition that can impair one’s ability to speak and interact, with one out of 36 children in the United States being diagnosed with it.

A local non-profit organization is working tirelessly to support those affected by autism in the community. They are focused on including their members in the community, helping with job searching, and participating in programs like Special Olympics. Francisco Medel, Residential Manager at Our Choice Human Services in Yuma, explained how they collaborate with other organizations to provide support to their members.

Wearing the color blue on World Autism Awareness Day is a powerful way to show support, as it represents calmness and acceptance. Other ways to celebrate autism awareness include donating to organizations supporting individuals with autism, attending awareness events, or helping someone you know who is affected by autism. It is crucial to show support and acceptance for those with autism and recognize the unique qualities they bring to our communities.

The spectrum of autism ranges from mild to severe, but regardless of the severity of the condition, individuals with autism face challenges every day. These challenges may include difficulty communicating, difficulty making friends or understanding social cues, anxiety or depression. However, individuals with autism also bring unique strengths and talents that make them valuable members of our communities.

It is important for everyone in society to recognize these strengths and talents while also providing support where needed. This means advocating for policies that benefit individuals with autism, supporting local organizations that provide services for those affected by autism, and educating ourselves about what it means to live with this condition.

As we continue to work towards acceptance and inclusion for all individuals on World Autism Awareness Day and beyond, let us remember that every person has something valuable to contribute to our communities. We must strive towards creating a world where everyone feels valued and accepted for who they are.

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