Elon Musk is affiliated with numerous entrepreneurial ventures in the globe of technologies and he has now added a new artificial intelligence project to that list.

This current move has come as a surprise to a lot of considering the fact that, only days ago, the South African organization tycoon was amongst a group of 1,800 people today calling for no additional study into artificial intelligence.

Musk has currently been involved in the artificial intelligence sector as he is one particular of the founders of the enterprise Open AI which created ChatGPT. On the other hand, he left the enterprise 3 years ago.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, just some two weeks immediately after it became identified that he opposed the additional improvement of AI, Musk has formed a new enterprise that will continue to expand the use of AI technologies, named X.AI.

Musk is listed as the sole director in X.AI.

Elon Musk signed an open letter searching for to suspend the study of AI

A single of Musk’s most recent moves has been to modify the name of Twitter to X Corp in an work to transform it into an ‘everything app’.

This app would be equivalent to WeChat multitasking in China, which is utilized to chat, shop on-line, make video calls, order appointments.

For this venture, Musk has hired Igor Babuschkin, a scientist operating at the AI lab DeepMind, which belongs to Alphabet, Google’s parent enterprise.

He has also bought ten,000 GPUs which are graphics cards that create language models required for such AI applications like ChatGPT.

Because Elon Musk left OpenAI, he has criticized his former colleagues who have enabled the ChatGPT application to boom in recognition.

He even signed an open letter collectively with thousands of specialists asking them to quit studying AI improvement for six months in light of its prospective dangers.

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