Ecuadorian Judges, Police Officers, and Lawyers Responsible for Releasing Dangerous Criminals

Ecuador’s War on Corruption: Police Raids and Arrests of Judges, Former Judges, and Lawyers Amid Drug Trafficking Scandals

In an effort to combat corruption and organized crime within the justice system, the Ecuadorian Prosecutor’s Office conducted raids and arrests of judges, former judges, judicial officials, practicing lawyers, and police officers in eight provinces of the country on Wednesday. The investigation into the release of highly dangerous criminals through legal tricks and abuse of law led to these actions.

The Prosecutor’s Office stated that their goal was to eradicate corruption within the justice system, which had become a vicious cycle of abuse. They emphasized their commitment to not allow impunity for those involved in these illegal activities. Photos of police and public ministry agents conducting raids and arrests of suspects involved in irregular processes of granting freedom were distributed by the Prosecutor’s Office.

It has not been disclosed how many people were arrested in total or the specific cases that triggered this operation, known as Plaga. However, investigations into corruption within the justice system have revealed significant links to drug trafficking, with 52 people currently facing charges. Recent cases of corruption have been uncovered across various governments, including those of former presidents Rafael Correa, Lenín Moreno, and Guillermo Lasso.

Following a series of violent incidents, President Daniel Noboa declared an “internal armed conflict” and labeled organized crime groups as “terrorists.” The country has been militarized, and fears of further attacks by mafia groups have gripped the population. Noboa stressed that Ecuador was in a state of war against drug terrorism

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