Solar Eclipse Party: A WOW in the World Event

Eclipse Party with Wow in the World: A Science Podcast for Kids and Adults

Wow in the World is a top-ranked science podcast for kids and their grown-ups that aims to inspire curiosity, agency, and wonder in its listeners. Hosted by Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, the show shares stories about the latest news in science, technology, and innovation.

In their upcoming episode titled “The Great Solar Eclipse Party,” Mindy is throwing a party for her friends and neighbors on the day of the solar eclipse. The party will be filled with snacks, games, and music as Guy and Mindy delve into the basics of the solar eclipse.

Listeners will learn about the physics behind the solar eclipse, including why and where it occurs, the concept of ‘the path of totality’, and what the eclipse will actually look like. The episode will also touch on the importance of eye protection and the science behind using mylar lenses during the eclipse.

Guy Raz and Mindy bring their passion for education to each episode, turning learning into fun-filled ‘wow’ moments for kids. From brain freezes and dinosaurs to 3D-printed food and the science of fear, their engaging approach to science covers a wide range of subjects that are sure to captivate young minds. With an infectious enthusiasm for learning, Wow in

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