Dow and P&G Join Forces to Develop Innovative Polyethylene Recycling Technology – Breaking News

DOW and P&G Join Forces to Develop Revolutionary Technology for Recovering High-Quality Polyethylene from Plastic Waste

Procter & Gamble (P&G) and DOW have joined forces to develop a new technology for recovering high-quality polyethylene (PE) from plastic waste. The two companies are combining their expertise in materials science, dissolution recycling, and large-scale manufacturing to create this innovative process.

Dissolution recycling is a technique that uses a solvent to separate specific polymers from impurities in complex plastic materials. In this collaboration, the focus is on PE, which can be extracted and used in new applications once separated from the waste material.

The joint development agreement between DOW and P&G aims to recover PE from post-household plastic waste, including rigid, flexible, and multi-layer packaging. P&G plans to incorporate the recovered material into new packaging, promoting circularity and maximizing resource use.

The partners are working towards creating a process with lower emissions compared to traditional PE production methods and alternative advanced recycling technologies. The collaboration has already begun, and it will continue until the technology is ready for commercialization.

By developing this innovative technology, DOW and P&G hope to reduce plastic waste while also creating new opportunities for sustainable business practices.

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