First Album Pays Homage to the Seven Sonic Wonders

Dolby Labs Celebrates Earth’s Endangered Sonic Wonders with New Album: The Epic Sounds of Mother Nature

Dolby Laboratories has just released an album dedicated to seven of the world’s most endangered sonic wonders. With a musical score by award-winning composer Nainita Desai, the album is now available on Apple Music. The project was created in collaboration with wildlife sounds technician Chris Watson, who has previously worked on Life and for the BBC.

The seven sonic wonders featured in the album include the Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland, the dawn chorus of Lake Suvasvesi in Finland, the smiling hippopotamus in Kenya, the frog beats in Gamboa in Panama, the murmur of starlings in the United Kingdom, the whispers of a coral reef in the Sulu Sea, and the song of a humpback whale in the Caribbean Sea.

Dolby followed specific criteria when selecting these natural wonders: epic natural beauty, endangerment, diversity and distribution, ecological importance, historical heritage, geographical location, and mystery. The aim was to create a deeper connection between listeners and Mother Nature through music.

Kurt Martinez mixed the album with this goal in mind. He wanted to forge a deeper connection between listeners and Mother Nature while creating something beautiful that people could enjoy. Additionally, royalties from the album will go to EarthPercent charity which offers organizations within music industry support against climate change.

Nainita Desai expressed her excitement about working with Dolby on this project stating “I have been fortunate enough to travel all over

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