Expert explains how subject reveals the evolution of scientific thought and societal implications

Discovering the Past: Exploring the Importance of Studying Science History

Recently, the Department of History at the University of Kashmir (KU) organized an extension lecture to encourage discussions on the importance of studying the history of science in advancing scientific progress and its impact on society. The lecture was led by Prof Deepak Kumar, a celebrated historian of Science, who delivered an enlightening talk titled ‘Why Study History of Science?’.

The audience consisted of students, research scholars, university staff, and faculty members from diverse fields. In his speech, Prof Kumar emphasized the significance of studying the history of Science as it provides valuable insights into scientific advancement and its effects on society. He pointed out how historical perspectives can broaden our understanding of scientific thinking and its broader implications. His talk sparked a lively discussion among attendees, fostering a deeper appreciation for the subject.

Prof M Y Ganaie, head of the Department of History, also addressed the gathering and highlighted the department’s academic achievements and ongoing research initiatives. He reiterated the importance of historical inquiry and scholarship, reinforcing the department’s commitment to academic excellence. The lecture concluded with an interactive session where students and faculty members engaged in discussions to further their interest in the history of Science.

Dr Abdul Rashid Lone, a faculty member from the Department of History, welcomed attendees and thanked them on behalf of the department. The lecture not only generated engaging discourse but also encouraged students and faculty members to delve deeper into understanding the significance of studying science history in today’s world.

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