The flood of inquiries overwhelms the platform on the opening day of digital access to the Property and Commercial Registries

Digital Transformation in Property and Commercial Registries: A Step Toward the Future

The launch of the digital services of the Property and Commercial Registries encountered technical difficulties, resulting in the collapse of certain functions. Despite attempts to register banking and notarial documents through the system, they were unsuccessful. However, the College of Registrars of Spain announced that the Registration Management Systems have been reestablished, with telematic advertising available from May 20th.

This is part of a larger initiative to digitalize the Property and Commercial Registries and introduce new citizen service features. The new digital era aims to combine technological innovation with face-to-face care in the sector. The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts emphasized the importance of this digitalization for advancing the sector and adapting to new times.

The Electronic Headquarters will provide citizen folders with all relevant information and notifications. Any documents requiring registrar signatures will now be signed electronically for increased security and reliability. The transition to electronically signed registry pages aims to improve citizen convenience, transparency, and interoperability. This shift towards digitalization will provide real-time information on property ownership and commercial company status.

Law 11/2023 modifies the Mortgage Law to reflect the history of documents leaving the Registries. This move towards digitization will enhance citizen experience by providing video assistance, status tracking of procedures, and digital communication with registrars. Additionally, it aims to improve transparency by providing access to real-time information on property ownership and commercial company status.

Overall, this new digital era represents a significant step forward for Spain’s Property and Commercial Registries sector by introducing innovative technology while maintaining a human touch.

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