Puerto Rico Declares Public Health Crisis Due to Spike in Dengue Cases

Dengue on the rise in Puerto Rico: health officials worry about strain on health system amid surge in cases

Since the beginning of the year, there has been an unusual increase in dengue cases on Puerto Rico. The usual peak season for dengue cases is between August and December, but this year has seen a surge in cases outside of that timeframe. As a result, there have been 549 recorded cases on the island so far, and a concerning 62% of those infected have required hospitalization.

Dr. Iris Cardona, the chief medical officer at the Puerto Rico Department of Health, expressed her concern about the rising numbers of dengue cases. If these numbers continue to rise, it could put a strain on the island’s health system. Authorities have been proactive in carrying out various spraying operations to help reduce the mosquito population and mitigate the spread of the disease.

The unusual increase in dengue cases outside of the usual timeframe is a cause for concern for health officials in Puerto Rico. With over 500 cases already recorded this year and 62% of those infected requiring hospitalization, it’s clear that dengue is still a major public health issue on the island. However, authorities are taking steps to address this problem by carrying out various spraying operations to reduce mosquito populations and prevent further spread of the disease.

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