Positive credit registry wrongly requested credit information

Data Breach Exposes Vulnerabilities in Positive Credit Information Register

In a recent incident, the software used by a creditor was breached, resulting in unauthorized requests for credit information from the positive credit information register. The positive credit information register itself was not breached, but the software interface for the lender has been temporarily closed as a precautionary measure.

The Tax Administration is currently investigating the situation and determining how many customers have been affected. They are also cooperating with authorities such as the data protection commissioner and the police to ensure that appropriate action is taken. It is believed that personal IDs obtained from past data breaches in other organizations may have been used in this incident.

The positive credit information register was recently opened for use in April, collecting information on citizens’ credits and income to help lenders make informed decisions. Individuals can also use the register to set a voluntary credit ban for themselves at no cost. While banks have the right to request credit information when processing loans, landlords cannot access this information for lease agreements.

The Tax Administration ensures that the use of the register is monitored and controlled regularly. They have the authority to restrict an operator’s access to the register’s data if necessary. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of data security and the need for continuous monitoring to prevent unauthorized access.

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