The Reason Why Scientists Are Using Crossbows to Study Whales

Custom-Made Crossbows and Antarctic Whales: The Race to Protect the Fragile Ecosystem

Antarctic whales are being studied by conservation scientists using a custom-made crossbow to take remote biopsies. These efforts are shedding light on how climate change is affecting the food supply of these giant creatures. Researchers are able to gain valuable insights into the animals’ well-being by taking samples from wild humpback whales.

The bodies of these majestic animals serve as indicators of the broader effects on the marine ecosystem in this fragile environment, where sea ice is declining at an alarming rate. The research mission, led by wildlife charity WWF, aims to better understand the implications of these changes. BBC science correspondent Victoria Gill joined the team in the Antarctic Peninsula to document their work.

Victoria’s footage captured by Phill Edwards and produced by Kate Stephens provides a firsthand look at this important conservation work. The full documentary can be viewed on BBC iplayer, offering viewers a glimpse into the efforts to protect Antarctic whales and their environment.

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