Sols 4184-4185: Close and Distant Views

Curiosity rover to conduct in-depth analysis of nearby rocks on Mars

Curiosity rover, positioned on Mars, is adept at scrutinizing and amassing data on nearby rocks. In the coming days, it will be carrying out APXS measurements and MAHLI observations on two rocks named ‘Tenaya Lake’ and ‘Buck Lake’. In addition to this, ChemCam will be executing LIBS measurements on a target called ‘Illilouette Falls’ and conducting a passive observation on a dark-toned rock called ‘Cox Col’ located in the same area as Buck Lake. Moreover, ChemCam will be observing another rock called ‘Redwood Canyon’, which is situated somewhat further away.

Mastcam will document these observations while also capturing images of the south side of Pinnacle Ridge that the rover recently navigated around. The observations at Gediz Vallis Ridge will be documented for an entire hour, with an early morning wake-up call at 07:30 to take full advantage of the morning light on Mars. A 15×3 mosaic will also be included in the documentation process.

All in all, Curiosity rover will remain meticulously examining and recording these nearby rocks to provide scientists on Earth with valuable data and insights for further analysis.

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