Chesapeake Technology acquires a company specializing in communication and autonomy products

CTI Acquires Assymetric Technologies for Edge Communications and Flight Autonomy Solutions, Expanding its Portfolio in the Defense Sector

Assymetric Technologies, a leading provider of products for edge communications and flight autonomy programs in the defense and national security sector, has recently been acquired by Chesapeake Technology International (CTI). This acquisition is part of CTI’s strategy to expand its portfolio of capabilities in technology transition and system interoperability. While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, Assymetric Technologies has been in operation since 2011, specializing in open source software, flight control, and waveform technology.

CEO Jay Moorman expressed excitement about the acquisition, stating that it will enhance CTI’s ability to provide comprehensive software and purpose-built hardware solutions to customers. This move underscores the company’s commitment to investing in its business to meet the evolving needs of national security requirements.

CTI is supported by Bluestone Investment Partners, which acquired a majority stake in the defense technology integrator in 2021. The firm also facilitated CTI’s purchase of Rapid Imaging Technologies earlier this year, further expanding their capabilities in the defense sector. With these recent acquisitions, CTI is well positioned to continue providing innovative solutions to its clients in this critical industry.

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