Cocaine found in drug addicts’ needles and syringes: Examining new methods of drug use

Croatia’s New Psychoactive Substance Lab Struggles to Gather Data on Drug Market

In the last year, a new laboratory for psychoactive substances was established in Croatia. The main goal of this laboratory was to gather as much data as possible about the drug market and how people were consuming drugs. To help them with their research, they received 250 samples of syringes and needles from the HELP association in Split.

Despite their efforts, only 160 of the samples were used for analysis. According to HRT’s report, they did not find any trace of Fentanyl, which is currently considered one of the most dangerous drugs on the market. However, they did discover cocaine and methadone.

“We knew that cocaine was consumed differently than through a syringe,” said Andreja, head of the laboratory for psychoactive substances from drugs, “But it was well represented in syringes.” The most common drug found in these syringes was methadone. It was not a pleasant sight to see so many used drug addict syringes in one place. They had to be very careful to prevent any accidents from happening.

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