Plenković criticizes Constitutional violator for refusal to resign

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on His Confidence in Achieving OECD Membership and Deflecting Criticism from Opponents

After a meeting with the HDZ presidency, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković spoke to the media about the current election campaign. He revealed that they had analyzed their strategy and had made significant progress in achieving their goals. Plenković stated that Croatia had reached GDP growth levels comparable to Hungary, which joined the EU nine years ago.

Plenković expressed confidence in achieving the goal of joining the OECD in two years and emphasized the positive atmosphere within their activities. He highlighted the importance of voter choice in the upcoming elections and urged citizens to continue trusting in the current government rather than risking change.

When asked about criticism and responses to interviews, Plenković dismissed concerns about his party’s legitimacy and defended their candidate selection process. He boasted about Croatia’s achievements under his leadership and downplayed comments from his political opponents regarding defense policies.

In response to comments about political advertisements and aircraft overflights, Plenković remained focused on his campaign strategy and achievements during his tenure. He expressed confidence in his party’s prospects in the upcoming elections, dismissing any opposition claims as insignificant.

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