Astounding Discovery: Massive Planet That Feels As Lightweight As Cotton Candy Confounds Scientists

Cotton Candy Planet: The Cosmic Enigma of WASP-193b’s Low Density and Fluffy Nature

A recent study published in the journal Nature Astronomy has revealed the discovery of an exoplanet named WASP-193b, located approximately 1,181 light years away from Earth. This planet is truly unique, with a size that is 50% larger than Jupiter but a density that is remarkably low, making it fluffy like cotton candy. In fact, WASP-193b holds the title of the second least dense exoplanet ever found, with a density of 0.059 grams per cubic centimeter, which is seven times less dense than Jupiter and one percent less dense than Earth.

The researchers behind this discovery are baffled by WASP-193b’s low density and are calling it a “cosmic mystery.” Khalid Barkaoui, co-author of the study, explained that the planet’s composition is similar to air, making it unlike any solid material known on Earth. Julien de Wit, another co-author and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, likened WASP-193b to cotton candy due to its extremely fluffy nature.

WASP-193b orbits a star similar in size to our Sun every 6.2 days at a distance of around seven percent the distance between Earth and the Sun. The researchers plan to use the James Webb Space Telescope to further study WASP-193b and understand more about this strange and intriguing planet.

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