Local Maryville Business Raises Funds for Family of Fallen Blount County Officer through Shirt Sales

Community Comes Together to Support Deputy Greg McCowan’s Family Through Local Business Effort

The people of Maryville are coming together to support the family of Deputy Greg McCowan in their time of grief. Pokey’s and Sports, a local business, has started selling shirts for $20 each to honor McCowan and his family. All proceeds from the shirts will go directly to the family. Over 500 shirts have already been made.

The outpouring of support from the community is evident in the orders for the shirts. Julie Nelson, who bought a shirt, expressed her sentiment that everyone wanted to do something to help and that the shirt was a way for everyone to contribute. The management at Pokey’s and Sports has committed to continuing to print and sell shirts for as long as people want them.

As people walk through the front doors of Pokey’s and Sports, each order for a shirt represents a connection to McCowan and his family. The community has been deeply affected by his loss, and the support shown through the sale of the shirts is a tangible way for people to express their sympathy and solidarity.

To order online or for an in-store pickup, people can visit the Pokey’s and Sports website. The community’s support for the McCowan family is a strong representation of the caring and connected nature of the people of Maryville.

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